Why Master Your Song?
Mastering is the last vital link in the recording chain and is an often under estimated art.

So you're living the dream. You've composed the killer tune, you got the deal, the big studio, the name producer and the awesome mix. You are brimming with excitement, your manager's eyeballs reflect only dollar signs and the PR people are talking you up as the next big thing.

But with your first radio play, something seems amiss. The killer track sounds disappointing.
It isn't quite so potent as it felt in the studio.
It lacks that standout punch and immediacy that's a vital part of making a record a hit.

What has gone missing, in your heretofore unstoppable momentum towards success and how?
The answer may lie in the mastering or indeed the lack of it in your recording.

For the uninitiated, the bottom line is that mastering is an essential process, if you want to turn your good sounding recording into a potentially outstanding one. A recording can easily end up sounding flat and unappealing because of the vagaries and pitfalls of the recording process.

What happens at the mastering stage and how can it benefit your recording?
  • In a mastering studio, you get the opportunity to reassess your tracks in an accurate monitoring environment.
  • Having your mixes properly mastered gives you an additional opportunity to get your tracks sounding as good as they deserve to be.
  • Take your recording a stage further at mastering. If you record and mix your work in the same room with the same monitoring, it's easy to get so close to your work that you possibly won't be able to hear what else could be done to enhance it further.
  • Get your music sounding balanced, polished, loud and at a professional release quality.
What can Wav Mastering do for you?
  • Working alongside an experienced and dedicated mastering engineer to get the best out of your recordings.
  • Working with state of the art dedicated equipment for the mastering environment, various selections of EQ's, Compressors & Limiters.
  • Have your masters prepared for duplication or manufacturing including editing, sequencing, PQ encoding and ISRC encoding .
  • Have your masters converted and ready for digital distribution on Wav file or MP3 directly from the EQ'd master.