I started my studio life back in 1986 by attending a music production course in London.

After completion in early ’87, I set about the traditional task of writing to as many studios as possible seeking a position as runner or tape-op, the old school way of starting.

In the months of trying I got one interview and got that gig which was initially as a studio maintenance assistant based ironically on my Moylish (L.I.T.) electronics qualifications which I left Limerick with not to use and not expecting it to help in the pursuit of getting into the music business.

That was at PRT Studios in Marble Arch (formerly PYE), as a complex it had 2 studios, 2 cutting rooms, a CD mastering suite and copy room, soon I was working in part in all of them.

It was a wealth of experiences in one location and discovering mastering was a major eye opener and an engineering side I became very drawn to.

In my time there before its demise I was fortunate to work on the studio side with Sir Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman, The Waterboys and Motorhead amongst many others.

I am forever grateful to the late Malcolm Davies for giving me that first break and starting this thus far 35 year odyssey.

Also Mike Dutton as his assistant engineer and instilling knowledge of many musical genres.

In early 1990, Pete Waterman of Stock Aitken Waterman fame bought the entire contents of PRT with the intent of expanding his studios and building a new mastering facility next to his Borough studio complex.

Initially I assisted Mixmaster Phil Harding while the mastering rooms were being designed and built, adding studio experiences with our Kylie, Jason Donovan, Jesus Jones, Cliff Richard, the famous Grease Megamix and a host of PWL / S.A.W. mixes and remixes.

By the end of 1990, Transfermation was ready to open, ironically the first mastered album was for the formerly S.A.W. produced Rick Astley.

There I remained with cutting engineer Noel Summerville whom I’ve working with from practically day one of my London career until it’s closure in 2005.

16 years working for the boss “PW” which was a pleasure and the unbelievable wealth of A&R / Artists / Management / Producers / Record Companies I had mastered for in these many years. A few like Simon Cowell have gone on to do quite well…

So time to take the experience home back to Limerick or Limrock as I call it in 2006.

Initial set up was in rented space in the city centre, starting from absolutely scratch and building up a core clientele and business. One requisite I make to myself was one day to have my own purpose built room, professionally constructed and designed which was finally achieved after the Celtic tiger roared and collapsed in 2013. I continue to master for clients in Ireland and all over the world.

Richard Dowling – During the Covid19 wars 2020