Why Master Your Song?

Mastering, they call it the black art, for me it brings the magic to the table.

What it is, is the very last link in the creative chain to make changes before any music is released to the world and often an under estimated or bypassed art as simple as not icing your cake.

I always say when listening to music to be mastered I will know instantly what needs to be done,  that my process is 60% brain and 40% the equipment in reaching where I want to take the music.

After 35 years of doing this, I can never say I’m more on top of my game than the current moment and it’s experience that creates that, no AI can match the brain in these moments.

That’s way all music should be mastered by a separate pro engineer, take the knowledge and experience of the additional ears.


What Happens at the Mastering Stage?

  • In a mastering studio, you get the opportunity to reassess your tracks in an accurate monitoring environment. 
  • Having your mixes properly mastered gives you an additional opportunity to get your tracks sounding as good as they deserve to be.
  • Take your recording a stage further at mastering. If you record and mix your work in the same room with the same monitoring, it’s easy to get so close to your work that you possibly won’t be able to hear what else could be done to enhance it further.
  • Get your music sounding balanced, polished, loud and at a professional release quality.


What can Wav Mastering do for you?

  • Working alongside an experienced and dedicated master engineer to get the best out of your mixes.
  • Working with state of the art dedicated equipment for the mastering environment, various selections of EQ’s, Compressors and Limiters.
  • Have your final masters prepared for CD duplication or replication including editing, sequencing, CD Text / PQ and ISRC encoding.
  • Have your final masters ISRC encoded and ready for digital distribution / download and streaming on Wav file or MP3 for radio directly from the EQ’D master.
  • Have your final masters prepared for Vinyl manufacturing at the spec requested by pressing plants.

I work on hardware only, completely out of the box, any computers just act as tape machines for me, it’s the traditional way to work and I like to preserve that.

It’s from how I was taught, the legacy of a career’s journey.